The highest protection even in the most demanding conditions

Waterproof work boots were designed to provide you both high safety and comfort in extreme work conditions. They are equipped with Aqua-Cell®  membrane that makes them absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time.

As the most of NokNok styles, waterproof work boots are 100% metal free – Protech Fiber toe protection and Tech-Fiber anti-penetration layer make them the approriate safety shoes to wear where metal detectors are used.

This NokNok collection is certified S3 safety and features ESD for anyone requiring this protection in their technical work environment.

It’s equipped with closed heelenergy absorption capacity and meets SRC requirements (slip resistance on ceramic tiles with cleaning agents and steel floors with glycerin).

Because this NokNok collection is non-metal, it’s suitable for any industry, especially for the following environments:

  • airports,
  • construction,
  • hard work areas,
  • extreme weather conditions where waterproof footwear is essential.



Upper of waterproof work boots is made of high quality full grain leather that makes them truly durable. The construction was additionally reinforced with 3 rows of white stitching. Thanks to Aqua-Cell® membrane, this line is 100% waterproof, windproof and perfectly breathable at the same time.


Gradually thicker towards heel part insole changes a shape depending on the pressure and your activities. Thanks to the special foam structure, it absorbs energy and any shocks, preventing injuries of your feet.


The line is equipped with carefully tested, non-metal Tech-Fiber anti-penetration midsole – flexible, soft and lightweight. That’s one of waterproof safety boots’ features that provide safety at the S3 level, especially needed for the construction and landscaping workers.


Outsole injected with soft and flexible PU that significantly improves comfort and shock absorption. Rubber lower part is resistant to the highest temperatures (see appropriate marks on the sole bottom) and provides great grip on slippery surfaces, making the line truly slip resistant shoes.


100% metal-free Protech Fiber toe cap (resistance up to 200 J) protects your feet there is a contact risk of forefoot with a heavy or sharp object. Made out of synthetic materia that combines qualities of an aluminum and composite toe caps.


We created a waterproof work boots to give you true comfort of working in extremely hard conditions – even in the most rainy weather.
Choose style 8140i to be sure we don’t lie.


Style 8140i

Waterproof premium safety boots

“Outdoor work is quite hard… Especially in damp environments when waterproof shoes are essential. I have already tested a lot of safety boots – some worse, other better. NokNok extreme weather footwear belongs to the top. I recommend it to all my staff.

By Klaus Pedersen, CEO in outdoor advertising agency

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