A great fusion of sport design and safety features.
For men and women.

This line of sport work shoes was designed for both male and female sport enthusiasts, needing at least a S1 level of protection at work. The most important features of this line is the highest level of comfort and extreme breathability, ensuring temperature regulation. Both in safety sandals – styles 3300 and 4400, and low cut styles 4100, 4110 equipped with Powerbreeze® technology that implemented sweat discharging system.

Furthermore, because of a Protech Fiber toe cap and Kevlar anti-penetration layer, the shoe is surprisingly light, quality which matters to anyone leading an active lifestyle. This line also has high energy absorption capacity, heat resistance and at the same time fulfils ESD requirements and meets SRC regulation.

NokNok has made the S1/S3 shoe extraordinary.

This sport work shoes are recommended at following industries:

  • electronics
  • computer industry
  • aerospace
  • biotechnologies
  • chemical industry
  • transportation



Upper material differs depending on the model.

PU coated textile in Sport 88 and Sport 99. Open upper in safety sandals – styles 3300 and 4400 to provides optimal ventilation regardless of weather and work conditions. Full grain leather and mesh with Powerbreeze®  also in styles 4100 and 4110 safety shoes raise your comfort of wearing shoes much higher.

For sports enthusiasts, to be sure the shoe will fit perfectly, easy in use MOZ smart lacing system (styles 4110, 4400, Sport 88 and Sport 99) and VELCRO Closure System (style 3300) were used. The classic and versatile looks were made by a black color with white details.


Insole gets progressively thicker towards heel part. Thanks to the unique foamed structure, it acts like a mattress between feet and ground, providing high energy absorption.


Exceedingly durable, non-metal Kevlar anti-penetration midsole protects your feet when you step on sharp objects. It’s much more lightweight and flexible than popular steel midsole, giving you the true comfort of wearing Noknok shoes.


Partly injected outsole (3300, 4100, 4110, 4400) made of PU and rubber, meeting anti-slip requirements, at this case being a SRC regulation. Easy to maintain and resistant to high temperatures.


Toe cap is made of a synthetic fiber, which is a fusion of aluminum and composite qualities. Protech Fiber toe cap overall makes the shoe lighter and heightens users comfort.


Currently, there are 6 representatives of this Noknok line: two safety sandals –  style 3300 and style 4400, and four safety trainers: style 4100, style 4110,  Sport 88 and Sport 99. All designed for athletic users, not exposed to over foot injuries, needing S1 protection level.

Style 3300

Safety sandals
style 3300 safety sandals 1

Style 4400

Safety sandals

Style 4100

Safety shoes

Style 4110

Safety shoes

Style SPORT 88

Safety shoes

Style SPORT 99

Safety shoes

” My job requires me to walk several kilometers every day. At evenings I am long-distance runner. I’m on my feet almost all day. I value both comfort of wearing footwear, the best bundled with optimal ventilation, and their safety features. The work shoes combining these are perfect for me. If I had to recommend safety trainers at a competitive price, I would say NokNok style 3300 or style 4400.
By Andreas Larsen, Warehouseman

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