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Less weight. Improved safety features.

Wearing a lightweight shoe is equally important for those on the move as those having to stay in one position for some time during the work day. That is why in this hard work shoes range we applied highly advanced technologies. PROTEC Fiber toe cap combined with kevlar anti-perforation midsole are the main features contributing to the lightweight feel of the NOKNOK safety footwear range. Our 100% metal free, leather work footwear gives you the same comfort as wearing any regular sports shoes.

This line of NOKNOK work shoes has two representative models: styles 2120 and 8120. They intentionally differ from each other in order for the NOKNOK range to meet various customers needs. For a user needing full protection, including anti-perforation and ankle stiffening, style 8120 is recommended. If one does not require any ankle protection, style 2120 will be a perfect fit.

The NOKNOK leather hard work shoes collection are certified S3 safety and have the beneficial ESD feature for anyone requiring this protection in their work environment.

Moreover, they have a closed heel, an energy absorption capacity and meets SRC requirements (slip resistance on ceramic tiles with cleaning agents and steel floors with glycerin).

The metal free NOKNOK collection is suitable for any industry, although, if you consider the ESD feature and PROTEC Fiber toe caps we recommend this range of NOKNOK work shoes for the following environments:

  • electronics,
  • computer industry,
  • transportation,
  • mounting,
  • aerospace,
  • biotechnologies,
  • chemical industry.


work shoes with protec fiber toe cap elements
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The uppers are made of high quality full grain leather, providing maximum comfort and durability. Both styles are provided with a heel grip and seamed dust tongue.


The insoles are designed to absorb maximum shocks and energy while you walk. The special foam structure acts like a mattress between your feet and the ground. Moreover, the insole is designed to get progressively thicker towards the heel to provide maximum cushion in the areas that are exposed to the most injuries.


The midsoles are 100% metal free, made of Tech-Fiber providing a higher anti-perforation level than any metal midsole. The non-metal midsoles are highly flexible, soft and extremely light.


The outsoles are made of PU and are heat resistant to 150°C. The outsoles are oil and petrol resistant and meet SRC anti-slip requirements.


The toe caps are made of PROTEC Fiber, providing protection for your feet at any time. A synthetic material was used in the manufacturing process, combining the qualities of aluminum and composite toe caps.

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This leather hard work shoe line was designed to meet the various needs of demanding work environments. The representative styles – 2120 and 8120, both fulfill SRC and ESD requirements and are certified S3. NOKNOK style 2120 was designed for those who do not require ankle protection, whilst NOKNOK style 8120 was made to provide ankle support.

Style 2120

safety shoes

Style 8120

safety boots

“Why did I switch to NOKNOK style 8120? Because comfortable working shoes are very valuable to me. Thanks to the PROTEC Fiber toe cap, style 8120 shoes are lighter than my last work boots and the risk of blisters on my a forefoot is eliminated.
By Tony Eriksson, Crane Operator

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