A notable combination of qualities that make the NokNok brand unique

About NokNok

At NokNok we have a team of highly skilled specialists, with over 21 years’ experience in the safety shoe industry. NokNok is a fresh Scandinavian safety footwear brand encompassing distinctive philosophies and ageless designs.

A combination of experience and creativity has resulted in a safety footwear range that is adjusted to present day demands, reflecting seasonal durability and conspicuous style. The NokNok brand is motivated by a pursuit of creating safety shoes that encompass both quality and affordability. This idiosyncrasy is what distinguishes us among other brands.

Our main goal throughout the development process of the NokNok range was to create an economical safety footwear series that would withstand the test of time, particularly under regular intense usage. This has been achieved through the use of patented technologies, creating highly resistant and really comfortable safety shoes.

The smooth Scandinavian designs exhibited in the NokNok range make our styles ageless, but not monotonous. During the design process deliberate thought was given to the use of fluid lines to compliment the sleek black and discrete pops of color, resulting in a universal footwear range that will not go out of style.


Cost is only one of many factors making NokNok safety shoes so attractive

From the very start we were thinking about modern people that value footwear appearance as much as the comfort of wearing it.
I wanted to design shoes you can wear at work as if they were for every day use.

By NokNok Designer


We grow. We adapt.

NokNok is a firm, strong brand, but we do not like to stay put. As with our customers we are constantly on the move. That is why our safety shoes are being constantly adapted to reflect the ongoing needs of our customers and to ensure we remain proactive within the safety footwear industry.

Feel safe with NokNok.

“What I have learned over many years I’ve worked in the safety footwear industry, is that you have to be very attentive when it comes to market and clients needs. Most of all, you have to be responsive. That is why I started NokNok. To make the highest quality at a competitive price. That’s being responsive.”
By NokNok CEO

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