High Quality Safety Clogs at Competitive Price I NOKNOK


True comfort & classic design at competitive prices.
For men and women.

This NOKNOK collection encompasses safety: styles 9510 & 9520. Thanks to the universal black color and classic design, they are popular among both women and men. All styles are extremely lightweight and flexible, making them the ideal basic footwear for a variety of work environments. Clogs are easy to wear and, just as important, quick to clean, making them the ideal footwear. NOKNOK clogs are the best quality at affordable prices.

NOKNOK clogs are equipped with highly durable and slip resistant outsoles that are heat, oil, petrol and acid resistant. The clogs are characterized by ESD properties and manufactured with a protective upper and full grain leather footbed. The wide Scandinavian fit in all styles provides you with true comfort all day long. Style 9520 has been designed with a closed back for those who love clogs but also require protection of the back of the foot.

The variety of NOKNOK clogs ranges from simple styles to the more advanced. The 9520 comes highly recommended for anyone needing maximum foot protection, qualified in the S3 FO SRC category of safety footwear.

Our footwear has been tested in a standard CE test. Moreover, the safety clogs are compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011 and the non-safety clogs are compliant with EN ISO 20347.2011.

NOKNOK clogs are the basic flex footwear product, dedicated mainly to light and not chemical industries such as:

  • medical industry – basic segment,
  • light work industries – factories,
  • farms and gardens,
  • cleaning services,
  • transportation segment (driver’s clothing).


noknok safety clogs collection1

The clog upper is made out of 2.2mm PU split “protector” upper foil. Easy in maintenance and extremely durable. A classic design and black in color.


The fixed texton insole used in NOKNOK clogs is a compressed cellulose particle board characterized by a firm, dense composition that is much tougher and more resistant than standard cardboard. Moreover, the full grain leather footbed is a great sweat remedy and ensures you feel comfortable even after a long day of work.


Only available in safety clog style 9520. Non-metal, fiber anti-penetration midsole protects you when you step on sharp objects. The 9520 is extremely soft, light and is highly flexible making it an exceptionally comfortable work shoe.


The outsoles are made out of single density PU and cemented to the upper with termoactive glue set with a precise activation time. The outsoles are very durable and highly slip resistant to provide optimal grip even on slippery surfaces. Resistant to oil, acid and heat (up to 150°C) the outsoles provide protection in a variety of work environments.


Only in safety clogs (style 9510 and 9520). The aluminum toe cap protects your feet against falling objects with an energy of 200 J. It makes the shoes much lighter than most classic clogs that typically offer steel toe protection.


To ensure we are able to meet the different needs of our customers we created a variety of clog models, all truly comfortable and in classic design. There are two options for safety clogs: style 9510 and style 9520.



Style 9510

Safety clogs
Style 9510 Safety Clogs from NOKNOK

Style 9520

Safety clogs

I’ve been wearing clogs since I started working as a driver. Before that I didn’t realize they were so comfortable! Long hours behind the wheel prompted me to find shoes that prevent my feet from sweating and provide me the true comfort. NOKNOK clogs were the clear answer.
By Christian Madersen, Truck driver

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